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For over 20 years Acquire The Fire has been more than a conference with great teaching, more than a concert with the top Christian bands, and more than you’ve ever experienced! Acquire The Fire is tens of thousands of youth coming together over 27 hours to be set apart from the distractions and influences of the world, long enough to encounter God in a total revolution of the heart.  Many teens today are spending their time, money, and passion on pursuing “things” in order to bring them happiness.  However, the best “things” in life…are not things at all; true lasting joy is found in pursuing that which is eternal.

ATF has created a unique environment that brings lasting life change through compelling dramas, anointed worship, exciting Christian bands, and powerful teaching and preaching…over 2.7 million teens have been reached and will never be the same!

Multiple Shows: Starting Friday, May 10, Ending Saturday, May 11

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May 10 - 6:00 PM; May 11 - 8:00 AM

Support Acts:

Disciple, Shonlock, Rapture Ruckus, Kemtal Glasgow, Ron Luce, Randy Olsson, DJ YNOT, and much more

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