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  • Duran Duran Announces Return to Comcast Arena

    Friday, September 23 Tickets on sale Friday 10 am

    The stats on DURAN DURAN are remarkable: a total of over 100 million records sold, 18 American hit singles, 30 UK top 30 tunes, and a global presence which guarantees them huge concert audiences on five continents. More remarkable still is the way they have achieved this, fusing pop music, art and fashion with a unique sense of style and confidence. When they first broke in the early 1980s Duran Duran single-handedly transformed music video from a gimmicky marketing tool into one of the music industry’s most valued assets. With exotic locations, beautiful girls and stunning special-effects, Duran Duran took the visual imperatives of the New Romantic movement to another level.

    Their impact throughout the 1980s was such that Rolling Stone magazine - adapting the old Beatles’ sobriquet - dubbed them “The Fab Five.” Despite the occasional pause and some re-grouping in the 1990’s, Duran today are an unstoppable force who still commands the respect of the finest players in the game. For their newest offering – their 13th studio album: entitled All You Need Is Now (released digitally December 21, 2010, exclusively on iTunes and released physically on March 22, 2011 on S-Curve Records), they wrote and recorded with Grammy Award-winning producer Mark Ronson – a marriage that all parties agree has been a match made in heaven. A band with more era-defining songs to their name than most, have reconnected with the sounds, the textures, the melodies and the lyrical evocation that first propelled them to the top of the charts the world over. All You Need Is Now seems to arrive fully-formed, its impact instantaneous, its brilliance undeniable. All You Need Is Now debuted at #1 on the iTunes Album Chart in 15 countries around the world upon its digital release. With their new record, the band’s future has never looked brighter. They have nothing left to prove and everything to play for. They are uniquely Duran Duran.

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